Upload contacts

Saved contact and meeting records should be uploaded to the full online version of actisCRM regularly.

Uploading records will ensure that all calls and meetings are added to the diary which is essential for reporting purposes.

If saved records are available in the Contact Manager list and an active Internet connection is available, a prompt to upload contact records will appear at log in and at log out.

Offline upload contacts

Tap OK to upload the saved contacts or Cancel to close the message without uploading.

Review the Contact Manager list before uploading to ensure any draft records are saved correctly.

Important: Draft contacts will not be uploaded.

Alternatively you can choose when to upload contacts:

Tap Upload Contacts on the home page and tap OK at the confirmation message.

All saved contacts (calls and meetings) will be uploaded to actisCRM and will be added to the diary.

Important: Review the diary to complete any call records and to edit and finalise any meeting records. Bear in mind that costs must be added to meetings and they may need to go through the authorisation process before they can be closed.