View and sort the report data results

Report results will appear as a data table on the report Data tab.

Report data
  • Click in the Search field to search for a name/text within the report.
  • Click on a column header to sort the results based on the column.
  • Double-click on a line to drill-down further into the results until you are at the lowest level.

Additional items are available on the Actions tab.

Export to Spreadsheet: Export the data to a csv file which will open in Excel

Export to PDF: Export the data to a pdf file ready for sharing or printing

Drill Down: View a breakdown of the results for a selected data line

Drill Down on Cell: View a breakdown of a specific result in a given cell. Click on the cell and the Actions tab link will change to confirm the selected cell, e.g. Cell Drill Down on Customers, calls, meetings, frequency, etc

Important: Drill Down on Cell is available on coverage and frequency reports only where the cell headers are marked.

Cell drill down

Important: Reports do not produce lists – for that you need Data Explorer