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Actis is the market-leading pharmaceutical CRM system

Actis CRM is a feature-rich database which can be configured and customised to suit your business. Straightforward and easy-to-use, it has been designed with pharmaceutical sales organisations in mind.

We offer a wide range of CRM modules to compliment your database, enabling you to select the features and functionalities you need to support the requirements of your business.

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Information management

Using our powerful search and explorer tools, quickly find the information you need in the format you need it.

Workflow management

Tailored to how your organisation works, CRM facilitates your work processes ensuring things happen when they should.

Single customer view

Everything you know about your customer from the basics to the complex all available in one place and easily accessible.

Why Actis CRM?

Actis CRM is so much more than a database.

Offering much more than a repository for names and addresses, Actis CRM can be interrogated for up-to-date commercial information at any time, including who has received your message and how.

Always accessible, Actis CRM allows rapid interaction through desktop and mobile applications that suit every part of your business, from traditional face-to-face call reporting, to key account management, medical sales liaison, and management at all levels.

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The Benefits

Actis CRM is…

  • Accessible

    Access our cloud-based CRM from anywhere, anytime, through desktop and mobile applications.

  • Accurate

    Record all your customer information, contacts and activities in one system to ensure consistency and reduce errors.

  • Customised

    Collect, organise and manage customer data in the way that suits you best with personalised reports.

  • Straightforward

    Offering easy-to-use tools to simplify administration tasks, Actis CRM has been designed with you in mind.



Actis CRM is a feature-rich database which supports your own HCP/HCO data or validated data from third-party sources to ensure that your database always contains the most up-to-date information. All activity flows from this database.

Easily searchable, customer (HCP) and each location (HCO) record is presented in a clear, logical and consistent format that enables the user to easily find all the data they need to facilitate the activity necessary for their role.

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Campaign Management

The Campaign Management module of Actis CRM allows you to gather consent from the customers you wish to target for your marketing campaigns.

Our fully integrated Channel Preferences module allows you specify the types of information and material you want to offer and ask the recipient how they want to receive it. GDPR compliant, consent preferences can be gathered in two ways, either directly or indirectly.

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Medical Information

This module of Actis CRM allows you to create, track and follow up requests for medical information during any customer interaction.

Once a request is made, it instantly triggers an email containing all the relevant information to be sent to your fulfilment team. The request status, updated by your fulfilment team, can then be monitored in Actis CRM as it moves through to completion.

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Samples Management

Whether boot stock, signed-for samples or orders placed directly, Actis CRM can track all sample requests with orders placed immediately in the system, or orders placed by the customer on your product website.

Data can be passed directly between Actis CRM and your fulfilment agency, so you’ll know the order status at every stage.

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Payment Compliance

Easily manage and track payments made to healthcare professionals and organisations in accordance with ABPI and/or EFPIA guidelines.

Actis CRM will assign payments to their correct reporting groups automatically, so they can be downloaded in the preferred reporting format for submission.

Additional report formats are available for various other country-specific submissions.

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Dashboards are configured to your organisation’s requirements, which may be different for each team/project.

Typically, they chart performance metrics such as activity, rates, coverage, frequency and future booked events, etc., but can be expanded to include sales data and/or other data from external sources as required.

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Account Science

Actis Account Science focuses on strategic thinking, accurate targeting and team collaboration.

It guides employees through your account planning process step-by-step, offering clarity and transparency to complex accounts.

Account Science provides the tools you need to ensure the appropriate level of time and investment is targeted on the accounts that are most important to your organisation’s success.

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Remote Engagement

Schedule and carry out calls and meetings using Microsoft Teams directly from Actis CRM.

Or integrate with other platforms for remote detailing with CLM materials. Everything is recorded in Actis CRM for reporting.

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