Analyse key metrics at a glance.

With the Dashboards module of Actis CRM, you can visually track, analyse and display key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics for you, your teams and your business at a glance.

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About Dashboards

Dashboards are configured to your organisation’s requirements, which may be different for each team/project. Typically, they chart performance metrics such as activity, rates, coverage, frequency and future booked events, etc., but can be expanded to include sales data and/or other data from external sources as required.

Benefits to Dashboards

Why choose this module?

  • Customised

    Configure dashboards to your requirements.

  • Secure

    Control and restrict the viewing of specific data.

  • Cost-effective

    Save time and money on reporting tools.

  • Sophisticated

    Display complex data in a clear and simple way.

How does it work?

Dashboards are tailored to your needs.

Although dashboards are configured to present a default view, criteria can be changed to all or selected charts if different views are required.

Dashboards are available at different levels within the organisation, so a KAM would only see dashboards specific to their own performance, whilst a manager would see team data. This extends up through the Actis CRM user hierarchy to national and international levels, if required.

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