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AccountScience - Account Planning & Growth

AccountScience is a simple but powerful tool used by many companies to underpin account planning and grow accounts in terms of customer satisfaction, loyalty, targeting, and product sales success by creating a blueprint that helps implement a shared account strategy.

Account Science is utilised by several companies to underpin their account planning and enable key account managers to plan and measure progress..


AccountScience is...

So much more than CRM. Understanding and managing the impact of groups and key players on the decision-making process is fundamental to building and developing effective relationships with the right accounts rather than individual customers.

Actis Account Science (key account management) focuses on strategic thinking, accurate targeting and team collaboration. It provides the tools you need to ensure the appropriate level of time and investment is targeted on the accounts that are most important to your organisation’s success.

Stand-alone or integrated with actisCRM, Account Science guides employees through your account planning process step-by-step offering clarity and transparency to complex accounts.

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... best for sales & business development teams

Through desktop and mobile applications, access our cloud-based AccountScience service from anywhere at any time.

Profile your accounts and focus on the people you need to reach. Identify and map connections between key account customers, displaying clearly where the lines of influence and budgetary responsibility lie so you can target your time and efforts effectively.

Analyse challenges and develop solutions to mitigate them, creating a business plan that focuses on your account objectives and retains focus through actions and checklists. Move opportunities forward to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, create a compelling case for your product, protect your accounts from competition and become the voice of the customer within your organisation.

Maintain a collaborative approach to account management, working with your colleagues at every level of the account. Monitor your progress through regular account reviews and reporting..


"In my view Account Science is an excellent tool..

..for the management of key accounts. It is both intuitive and user friendly for account managers and enables our company to plan and map commercial progress leading ultimately to increased sales."

- Nick Burrin
Head of Sales - T&R Derma, Thornton & Ross Ltd

... best for managers

Achieve stronger business results and growth with effective account management strategies. Consolidation across the healthcare sector has driven a change in marketing behaviour and Actis AccountScience has evolved as the planning tool for your Key Account Managers.

Define the account management process and customise AccountScience to meet your organisation’s requirements, creating an effective work-flow that guides your Key Account Managers through their business planning towards actions and measurable outcomes.

The ability to build cross-functional teams to work each account allows you to concentrate your resources on the accounts that are most important to your business, and monitoring and reporting on progress is easy with a built-in review process and purpose-built searches.

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Designed to suit you, each of our services fit together to streamline your business processes and operations.



On time and configured to your specifications, our business analysts will work with you to scope and specify the system that best meets your needs.



From initial training, through technical support and account management, we’re here to help all Actis users within your organisation.


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