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CyPhaAnalytics is our powerful business intelligence and pharmaceutical reporting tool which can efficiently combine data from multiple sources. It copes with everything from simple data reporting to geographical data visualisation, making it the ideal tool for displaying country-wide data and for sales force planning.


CyPhaAnalytics is...

So much more than using spreadsheets. Analyse and understand your raw data and use it to support and prioritise your business decisions. CyPhaAnalytics quickly gathers data from multiple sources, combines them easily and outputs them in a format you choose, including map based visuals.

Simplify regular reporting by creating data processing sequences and running them automatically. Processing large data sets takes time so CyPhaAnalytics ensures that regular reporting tasks can be run out-of-hours to minimise disruption.

CyPhaAnalytics’ mapping tools allow you to gain insights and assess the impact of your marketing efforts, showing at a glance where progress has been made. Reconfigure your business operations to make best use of resources and test the impact of changes before they are made.

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… best for business analysts

Dealing with the huge datasets available to a business can be overwhelming, but CyPhaAnalytics makes it easy to bring all your different source data together in one place.

By normalising and adjusting during the import process so you can get just the data you need when you need it.

Merge differently formatted datasets from a variety of sources, including actisCRM, to accrue valuable information for reporting and future planning purposes. Manipulate the data using a variety of tools and then present it in a meaningful way using automated charting, graphing matrix and mapping functions.

Analyse and present data using the mapping tool to display clearly how territories are performing as a result of your sales and marketing activities. Use the mapping tool to realign territories to see how sales would be affected in real time if boundaries changed, and overlay that information with transport networks to see if the new territories are still manageable for your field force. 


"CyPhaAnalytics is a key business application for Apodi.

Its ability to match and configure differing data sets very rapidly gives us key advantage, and CyPhaAnalytics offers a unique method of territory set up and design which is indispensable."

- Tony Swift
Managing Director - Apodi Limited

... best for managers

All your data, from a variety of sources presented in a clear and accessible format, that can be drilled into when required. CyPhaAnalytics distils large amounts of data, transforming and modelling to produce compact visuals which are easy to interpret making it easy to draw conclusions and support your decision making.

Data can be collected and analysed to an automated schedule which means that the charts, matrices, and maps you need are up-to-date and available on-time.

Plan for efficiency and effect transformational change. Using the CyPhaAnalytics mapping tool, reconfigure territories, sales force resources, marketing strategies and more to see at a glance where in the country your efforts are best placed. A visual check of where your organisation is achieving, or under-performing allows you to take a closer look at the reasons why and try different scenarios, viewing changing results in real time.

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On time and configured to your specifications, our business analysts will work with you to scope and specify the system that best meets your needs.



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