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Perform is the talent management system used by organisations around the world to facilitate every aspect of their employee development. Whether office based or mobile, online or offline, Perform captures all development interactions across the organisation.


Perform is...

So much more than a record of performance management reviews. A talented and skilled workforce is vital to any organisation so, by applying an integrated approach to employee learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration, Perform is a powerful tool for business growth and success.

Feature-rich and easy to use, Perform can be configured and customised to suit your business, enabling you to build an accomplished and empowered workforce. Define and manage employee development, resulting in goal setting and progression plans that support employee aspirations and consistently align with your business needs.

Always accessible, Perform suits every part of your business, from coaching interactions, field visits, development discussions through to 180 reviews with reporting at all levels.

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... best for employees

Through mobile and desktop applications, access our cloud-based talent management service from anywhere at any time.

Understand your organisation’s overall business goals and priorities. Having a clear indication of how your performance impacts them allows you to own your objectives, work towards your targets and achieve success in your chosen field.

Realise your potential by evaluating the training and feedback you’ve received and complete self-evaluation questionnaires to identify improvements and address skills gaps as they appear. Together with your manager or coach, develop actionable training plans that aid your personal development and career progression.

Track and monitor your own success with personalised reports, safe in the knowledge that your data remains secure and can only be seen by your and your manager or coach.


"We thoroughly endorse the use of Perform at OTD...

...with our clients as this coaching tool both sustains and enhances our effective in-house coaching training and development."

"Perform is both powerful and intuitive for all end users and offers enlightening reporting that offers real developmental benefit to all employees.

Perform is an extremely effective coaching tool for all industry sectors."

- Andy Crotty
Director of Operations - OTD Ltd

... best for managers

Perform allows you to align employee development with your organisation’s goals and objectives, driving business results by increasing employee engagement and sharing responsibility for career growth and development.

By creating structured, learning based development plans that give employees control over their own success, you not only increase employee engagement but also gain valuable insight into the skills and abilities within your workforce.

Perform applies a transparent talent management process across all levels of your organisation. Assessing performance regularly, gathering feedback from direct managers, peers, team-members and others within your organisation allows you to measure and evaluate performance effectively.

Perform provides the valuable data and metrics you need to measure success. Powerful reporting and dashboards provide clarity, enabling you to identify your star performers and high-functioning teams, and to assess the effectiveness of employee development activities for continuous improvement.

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Designed to suit you, each of our services fit together to streamline your business processes and operations.



On time and configured to your specifications, our business analysts will work with you to scope and specify the system that best meets your needs.



From initial training, through technical support and account management, we’re here to help all Actis users within your organisation.


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