Account Science

Succeed at key account management.

Managing the impact of groups and key players on the decision-making process is fundamental to building and developing effective relationships with the right accounts, rather than individual customers. Account Science can help you succeed.

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About Account Science

Actis Account Science focuses on strategic thinking, accurate targeting and team collaboration. It guides employees through your account planning process step-by-step, offering clarity and transparency to complex accounts.

It provides the tools you need to ensure the appropriate level of time and investment is targeted on the accounts that are most important to your organisation’s success.

Account Science reporting can be incorporated into Dashboards.

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Benefits to Account Science

Why choose this module?

  • Comprehensive

    Access a wide range of configurable components.

  • Collaborative

    Employees can work together on complex accounts.

  • Trusted

    An established, powerful tool that stands by itself.

  • Innovative

    Creative and modern, a true asset to account management.


Planning & Analysis

Account Science comprises several different configurable components, and each team needs only to see those relevant to their projects. Components for planning and analysis include:

  • Business Planning – create a plan, add objectives and actions, and track and update progress to completion
  • Targets – segment accounts to concentrate activity on a specific group
  • SWOT Analysis – evaluate the account against external forces
  • GAP Analysis – establish the difference between current and expected performance
  • Formulary – track own and competitor product formulary status
  • Influence Mapping – display how key stakeholders relate to one another, their role and sentiment


Reviewing Data

There are also a variety of configurable components in Account Science for recording and reviewing data, including:

  • Account Information – gather specific information that the project/team requires
  • Costs – track meeting expenditure against the account
  • Sales – data and chart for sales into account Locations
  • Account Review – record progress meetings between managers and KAMs, or peer-to-peer

Account Science

Cover all aspects of key account management.

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