Campaign Management

Target specific clients with your campaigns.

With Campaign Management, you can gather consent from the customers you wish to market to. It’s a GDPR compliant, centralised solution for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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About Campaign Management

The Campaign Management module of Actis CRM allows you to gather consent from the customers you wish to target for your marketing campaigns.

Our fully integrated Channel Preferences module allows you specify the types of information and material you want to offer and ask the recipient how they want to receive it. GDPR compliant, consent preferences can be gathered in multiple ways.

Benefits to Campaign Management

Why choose this module?

  • Relevant

    Gain specific, up-to-date information.

  • Compliant

    Fully compliant with GDPR guidelines.

  • Collaborative

    Teams can all work with the same data.

  • Dynamic

    Progressive technology for fast-moving companies.

How does it work?

Channel Preferences

All preferences set in Actis CRM can be viewed and used in relevant ways by your sales and marketing teams, to facilitate and enhance your omnichannel communication strategy.

Record Preferences

Record HCP preferences in multiple ways. Whether you gather your opt-ins on paper, in Actis CRM itself with or without an HCP signature, send pre-configured compliant opt-in request emails from Actis CRM or gather opt-in preferences through your websites or mailings, everything is stored with an audit trail in Actis CRM.

Segmented Database

Using the data analysis tools and list types available in Actis CRM, segment your database to meet your digital marketing requirements.

How does it work?

Remote Engagement

This is a centralised solution for all your sales and marketing activity, allowing improved communication and collaboration between your teams, who can all work with the same data.

Build segmented mailing lists according to customer preferences and use our interface with Brevo marketing software to manage your marketing campaigns. Build in automations where required, and every contact you make with a customer will be recorded back into Actis CRM.

  • Increased compliance
  • Reduced data entry requirements
  • Greater efficiencies resulting from fewer manual interactions with data
  • Enhanced reporting
  • A more complete understanding of the bigger picture across your organisation

Campaign Management

Enhance your marketing campaigns from start to end.

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