Medical Information

Create, track and follow up requests.

The Medical Information module makes it easy to create requests for medical information and see them through to completion in Actis CRM. You can make requests while interacting with customers, enabling you to gather the information you need quickly and easily.

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About Medical Information

This module of Actis CRM allows you to create, track and follow up requests for medical information during any customer interaction.

Once a request is made, it instantly triggers an email containing all the relevant information to be sent to your fulfilment team. The request status, updated by your fulfilment team, can then be monitored in Actis CRM as it moves through to completion.

How does it work

Medical Information follows a simple, 4-step process.

  • Request Information

    Including Medical Info, MSL visit & Pipeline.

  • Email

    Automated email with request is generated.

  • Inform Third Party

    Request is sent to company and service company if required.

  • CRM Consolidation

    All activities are tracked and stored in Actis CRM.

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