Frequently asked questions

What kind of support does Actis offer?

We place no limit on the amount of user support you can request. Following the initial training session, we encourage users to ask for all the help they need with assistance provided by phone, email and online. We don’t define a number of support hours, and we don’t ask you to collate requests and submit them through defined channels – if you need help, just get in touch.

Our aim is that everyone should be completely confident using an Actis service that meets their organisation’s needs.

What type of data can we use?

Actis is data agnostic. You can build your own database from scratch, or we can import your own data from other sources. We routinely work with third-party data providers from all over Europe so if you purchase data sets for use in Actis then we facilitate that too, with automated load and validation processes to ensure your data remains up to date.

How can Actis support our digital strategy?

Your digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business performance. Actis provides the tools and empowers your business to gain significant insights from your customer data, tracking the ROI of your marketing campaigns and enabling more informed decision-making and targeted strategies.

Can Actis help with our omnichannel marketing approach?

Actis facilitates all manner of communication styles, from traditional face-to-face calls, through MS Teams appointments, remote engagement and closed loop marketing (CLM) via our integration with Rainmaker (Bigtincan), to email, SMS and WhatsApp marketing via our integration with Brevo. Everything is recorded in Actis against the customer record to provide a holistic single customer view.

Does Actis have an API?

Using our API, connect your websites to Actis to enable immediate transfer of information gathered, e.g. marketing preference options, samples orders, contact requests, etc. Contact us for details.