Your database is the heart of Actis CRM.

The Actis CRM Database stores all your customer and location records on one easy-to-use platform. It offers a wide range of functionality, from powerful global data searches to single customer view, sharing knowledge and insights reporting at every level. Actis partners with the top data supply companies in Europe to give our clients the most accurate & compliant data

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About Database

Actis CRM is a feature-rich database which supports your own HCP/HCO data or validated data from third-party sources to ensure that your database always contains the most up-to-date information. All activity flows from this database.

Easily searchable, each customer (HCP) and location (HCO) record is presented in a clear, logical and consistent format that enables the user to easily find all the data they need to facilitate the activity necessary for their role.

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How does it work?

Our CRM Database is simple and easy-to-use.

Each record consolidates every piece of information known about a customer or location so that it’s all stored in one, easily navigable place; i.e., name, address, communication information and channel preferences, segmentation options, targets, and historic and future contact records from all types of interaction.

Additionally, both customer and location records can be customised, adding and removing components dependent on your organisation’s needs.

Using the powerful data searches within Actis CRM, the entire database can be segmented and targeted according to team and/or project requirements.

Core Functionality

Core Activity

Actis CRM has been designed with users in mind. Its intuitive and clear interface guides the user through what they need to do.

Users will be able to:

  • Search and manage their database, including data validation tracking if a third-party data source is used
  • Segment and sort their customer database into target groups
  • Create Call to Action lists
  • Schedule, manage and complete activity in their diary
  • Create and record different types of one-to-one customer interactions (remote calls, face-to-face calls, telephone, email, etc) via different methods
  • Schedule, create and record one-to-many meetings via different methods
  • Manage budgets and meeting expenditure
  • Access the online Knowledgebase for help and user guides

Diary Management

The diary is used to record all confirmed calls and speculative appointments, meetings and tasks.

It links with the Call to Action List to allow users to drag and drop items into their diary for forward planning. It’s easy to change the view and to navigate from date to date. The diary can be exported in multiple formats and is able to interact with external calendars such as Outlook via a one-way export.

Call to Action List (CTA List)

The customer Call to Action List groups customer records together temporarily. Each customer can be accessed from the list, and all can be added to calls and meetings easily. Customers can be added to the CTA List from any search at any time.

Close Week

Close Week is used to record the days spent working on territory which, together with completed calls and meetings, become part of the activity reporting within Actis CRM (call rates).

Close Week ensures that:

  • All activities for the week have been recorded
  • All working days on territory have been accounted for
  • Any spec appointments that were not completed are removed from the diary

It is good practice to ensure Close Week is completed correctly for each week. Days can be finalised separately or in groups (finalise multiple days).


Contact records can be configured to suit your project, so each user will only see their products/activities and the drop-down field choices relevant to their team.

The form itself is a series of questions and answers which not only ensures you obtain exactly the data you need but also makes it easy for the user to see what’s required. Mandatory fields ensure you gather the data you need in the format you want it for every call.

The contact record can be comprised of a series of pages, configured to gather specific information, to record details about samples left, or to store attachments relevant to the call.

Contacts will be recorded in Actis CRM automatically whenever a Channel Preferences request is sent, and whenever an interaction is made via an integrated platform.


Like contact records, every meeting record can be configured to suit your project, so each user will only see what is relevant to their team.

The form consists of a series of questions and answers, making it easy for the user to see what’s required and ensuring that you obtain specific data. Mandatory fields ensure you gather the data you need, and in the format you want it, for every meeting.

Organisational and reporting requirements are built into the meeting workflow, from budgetary control and expenditure, through shared meetings and approvals.

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful data exploration and reporting tools are available in Actis CRM.

Data Explorer

An integral part of Actis CRM, Data Explorer is our powerful search engine that allows you to interrogate your database in multiple ways, applying searches and filters to segment the data, defining personas and identifying the right channel mix and engagement volume for your projects.

Easily switch the lists between customers, locations, contacts, meetings and accounts, and switch between predefined list types to view the data by different column combinations.


Automated and transparent reports simplify key performance indicator and success tracking at every level of your business.

Built in to Actis CRM is a standard suite of 30+ reports which are preconfigured to analyse only the data you have access to. Each report comes with criteria selection options, enabling you to produce data lists and charts which allow drill-down through every level, from a broad overview to specific detail. All Actis CRM standard reports can be displayed as data or as charts and are easily exportable as CSV files or images to be used with other applications.

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